Shocked Cops Find Mom's 3 Kids in Her Trunk During Routine Traffic Stop

State troopers must see all kinds of wacky things when they stop random drivers on the highway. But this particular stop is probably going to give these troopers nightmares. After spotting a car speeding down the Washington State highway, troopers approached the car and reportedly the driver, a 28-year-old woman named Anna Boyle, appeared nervous. And no wonder. Troopers reportedly found methamphetamine, heroin, pills, and drug paraphernalia in the car. But that probably isn't what accounted for all of her nerves.

Troopers then heard a thumping sound coming from the car's trunk. You know that's never a good sign. When they opened it, they got the shock of their lives. Inside were three children, ages between 5 and 8 -- and a small dog! What the -- ??


The woman claimed the children (and the dog??) had crawled into the trunk through an opening in the back seat. But the officers reported that the back seat was filled with stuff, including a snowboard, a guitar, and a backpack, and they didn't see how on earth the kids (and the dog??) could have crawled in there on their own.

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The police report stated:

The trooper does not know how it could be possible they were ever in the front, as there were so many items and no car seats for one, let alone three kids.

Pretty fishy, eh? Granted, kids do crawl into some strange places. And so do dogs, I guess? But all four of them at once? And how did the stuff get back onto the seat after they opened it to enter the trunk? And why would you even let everyone ride in the trunk -- with the back seat up -- when they could suffocate that way?

I'm just going to put it out there, though I have no idea what really happened. Did the officers stumble upon a crime in progress? Was this woman, who cops said reeked of marijuana, about to do something bad to these kids (and the dog)? But if so, why put them in the trunk first?

Reportedly, the kids hadn't eaten since the night before either, so the cops rushed them to McDonald's before putting them in the care of protective services. I hope they gave the dog something as well. And where did the dog go? Yes, I care about what happens to the dog as well as the kids. So sue me.

Troopers sure pulled over the right car this time. Even if this story is true and everyone piled into the trunk of their own accord, the amount of drugs in the car combined with the kids (or her dog either, I'm guessing) not eating for a day, combined with no car seats, speaks volumes. Another sad, sordid tale of children caught in the vice grip of bad parenting. It will be interesting to hear what the children say about how they all got in the trunk.

What do you think this woman was up to? Could the kids have really just crawled back there?


Image via Cauldron Graphix/Flickr

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