Man Whose Severed Finger Was Found Inside a Lake Trout Does Not Want It Back

finger in troutA human finger found in a lake trout in Idaho was traced back (through fingerprints) to Haans Galassi, a man who had lost four fingers on his left hand back in June in an accident. Small world, right? Actually it's kind of an incredible story.

Most incredible of all: Galassi wasn't surprised. "Let me guess: You found my finger inside a fish," he said. Wow. Cool as a cucumber, no? I guess you have to be when you lost four fingers and lived to tell that tale.

As for the fish, his contribution was done. But he isn't the first fish ever to have some strange things in his gut. Fisherman forums are full of weird stories. Just a few examples:

  • A live duck: One fisherman tells an amazing tale of watching a duck go under and not come back up. He was sad, but continued fishing. When he caught a big fish, he found the duck in its mouth! It was still alive. He returned the duck to its mom, but oh wow. You don't think of fishermen as heroes who SAVE animals every day, do you?
  • A human arm: This shark helped solve a murder case after it vomited up an arm with a strange tattoo. The arm belonged to a petty criminal who had been involved in a blackmail scheme with the wrong people. Oops.
  • Fish with human teeth: Oh. My. GAWD. Holy terrifying, Batman! This fish has human like teeth. Shiver.
  • Whole fish: Most fishermen seem to have stories of finding a second fish entirely whole inside the belly of a bigger fish they caught. Pure craziness.

I might never eat fish again after learning all the strange things they eat. Seriously. Who knew fish were such collectors?!

Have you ever been fishing and found something odd?


Image via musiclver05/Flickr

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