Real Life Two-Headed Snake Is Way Scarier Than Stupid Bigfoot (VIDEO)

two headed snakeWhat has two tongues, four eyes, and will keep you up at night? This two-headed snake a family found in South Carolina. And no, this isn't your run of the mill two-headed snake -- this slithering reptile has a one head on both ends. No tail. Just heads. Entirely scary.

Makes you wonder why some people spend their lives looking for elusive creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster when real, double-ended two-headed snakes are on the loose. Priorities, people!


This thing is way scarier than any Chupacabra or Montauk Monster.

I mean, if you asked this South Carolina family when's the last time they saw Bigfoot, and then asked them when's the last time they brought a snake with two noggins to their local high school in an empty cooler -- their answer should be all the evidence you need that we are spending our resources hunting the wrong monsters.

If a two-headed snake was in their yard, it could be in your yard. Better sleep with one eye open tonight because Billy Bob is coming for you. Yeah, the family wants to name their freaky snake Billy Bob. Well, that, or Oreo.

I guess if I were an Oreo, I'd want to eat myself, and if I had two heads, I could, so I like the logic there.

Anyway, the family's enjoying winning all kinds of non-existent prizes for having the coolest scariest pet ever, and I'd like to tip two hats to them for their welcoming and inclusive attitude.

Because if I were them, I'd put a piece of cheese or whatever snakes eat on both the snake's noses and watch it go at it.

No I wouldn't. Yes I would. Just kidding, I could never do that to Billy Bob Oreo. Cheese and Oreos don't really mix.

Watch Billy Bob Oreo's video debut!


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