Firefighters' Support of Marriage Equality Is a Sign the Times Are Changin' (VIDEO)

firefighters mainers united for marriageMost Americans would agree that people who serve our communities and our country deserve to come home to someone they love, right? It seems bizarre to think that someone wouldn't agree with that. Then again, we live in pretty darn contentious times. And that's why a group of firefighters had to make a political ad in Maine, showing their support for Mainers United for Marriage, the coalition working to pass a referendum to reinstate marriage equality -- which was passed in 2009, but later overturned with a voters' referendum -- this November.

In the ad, four volunteer firefighters, Andrew Shea, Dave Lorandeau, Eric Humphrey, and Ryan Michel, speak about being involved in a "brotherhood." Michel confesses, "These guys are all straight. So when I joined the department, I wondered how a brotherhood so tight like that would be accepting of someone who is gay." As it turned out, Shea, Lorandeau, and Humphrey didn't pass any judgment about Michel's sexual identity.


Shea explains:

The brotherhood that we have is not the straight firemen’s brotherhood. It’s the firemen’s brotherhood.

And Lorandeau elaborates:

When we clear a call, I get to go home to my wife. The guys I work with should be able to marry the person they love. We’re voting ‘Yes’ on 1.

Awesome! Whoever's idea it was to have firefighters voice their opinions in this political battle is brilliant. Because hearing these men speak out on behalf of Mainers United for Marriage proves just how much progress we've made. It proves we're definitely moving in the right direction overall.

It's hard to imagine even 10 years ago, members of a macho "boys' club" institution like volunteer firefighters being so open and accepting of a gay colleague. It would be tough to envision them coming right out and publicly stating they support their gay colleague being able to marry the person they love. But they are, and they're doing it knowing there's vocal opposition out there.

With the reversal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and progress being made with equality in the military, it seems that people like these firefighters are getting braver and bolder to stand up for marriage equality. It's truly heartening. With hope, the majority of voters in Maine -- and hopefully, all over the country -- will be standing with these firefighters, sooner rather than later.

Check out the ad:

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Image via MainersUnited/YouTube

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