Another Chris Christie Attack Strikes Fear Along the Jersey Shore (VIDEO)

Chris Christie Attacks ReporterAnother Chris Christie attack was reported today in the Jersey Shore beach town of Long Branch. This is the fourth reported attack by the 5-foot, 11-inch-tall New Jersey governor in as many as five months. Note: reported. Who knows how many more hapless reporters have fallen victim when the cameras weren't rolling ... like poor Jim Hoffer of WABC-TV. He doesn't usually swim in this particular press pool but was filling in, and chose today to put his feet in the water and challenge the governor about some of the facts of his foreclosure policy. Unlucky bastard. Someone should have warned him that was venturing out too far. Watch the clip, but warning: It's of a graphic nature.


Wow. We're going to need a bigger boat. I'd say Christie's up to a buck-80 or so, wouldn't you say? But what's most terrifying is not his intimidating size but that razor-sharp tongue. What a meanie. Let's recap this summer's most memorable attacks:

May 2012. Christie says to Star-Ledger newspaper political columnist Tom Moran, "You must be the thinnest skinned person in America" when he asked him about his confrontational style.

June 30, 2012. The NJ governor called Chris Harris of the Record newspaper of Hackensack "stupid" and "an idiot." For asking questions about a pending budget crisis at a press conference about a water treatment plant when Christie specifically said the questions must be "on-topic." (So, yeah, that was pretty dumb.)

July 6, 2012. Not a week after humiliating Harris, Christie attacked a regular citizen -- not even a reporter! -- who ventured into the feeding frenzy by saying something about education that ticked Christie off so bad his goons had to escort him away.

This man-eater has to be stopped and learn some manners. Either that or cancel coverage of New Jersey for the rest of his term. He's making reporters everywhere feel bad, and that's not good for tourism or journalism programs. I'm sure the activists would say that it's the reporters who are encroaching on Christie's territory and not the other way around, but all I know is it's time to stop the bloodshed. And maybe just start asking Christie those hard questions in indoor settings, like via a carefully worded email. I know it doesn't feel as good but it's safer. This governor, swallow you whole.

Do you find Christie's interpersonal skills entertaining or obnoxious?


Image via NewsPoliticsNow3/YouTube

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