Flight Attendant’s Loaded Gun Goes Off at Airport Security

airportFlying has definitely gotten more complicated since 9/11. It’s weird to think that my kids will never experience waiting at the gate for a loved one to come off an airplane. Instead they’ll have visions of baggage claims forever associated with welcoming someone home.

If you’ve flown in the past 10 years, you know the drill. Wait in the line, take out your liquids and gels, place your shoes and belt on the conveyor, and put your laptop computer in its own bin. Then you walk through the metal detector or naked body scanner, knock on wood that you don’t get cancer, and collect your x-rayed belongings. 


Frequent travelers have it down to a science, and occasionally roll their eyes when stuck behind newbies that fumble with their stuff and hold up the lines. No, you can’t take that water bottle in with you; you have to buy a new one inside security.

One would think that flight attendants would be pros at the whole getting-through-airport-security thing. I mean, they have to do it on a nearly daily basis. There shouldn’t be a whole lot of, “Oh I forgot I packed that!” going around.

Jaclyn Luby, a flight attendant for Republic Airlines, apparently forgot about her loaded gun when she went through security at Philadelphia International Airport Sunday morning. The gun went off when a female officer accidentally discharged it. Thankfully, no one was harmed. 

Ms. Luby, who has a permit to carry the weapon, received a summary citation for disorderly conduct, and the officer that fired the gun was put on desk duty pending investigation.

Here’s a question: How does one accidentally fire a gun? Was the safety not on? Did her finger slip? Police reported that a gun shows up in someone’s luggage about once a month at Philly International. Given that statistic, should all security officers be trained in the proper way to handle a situation -- one that doesn’t include shooting things?

This is an odd situation, and I’m glad no one got hurt. I hope someone figures out what happened and takes caution to prevent it from happening again. Guns may not kill people, but people shooting them do, whether the shot was intentional or not. 


Image via kalleboo/Flickr

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