Bratty Businessmen Brawl Over NYC Taxi & It’s the Silliest Street Fight You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)

businessman brawlThere are days when it feels like you have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding a New York City cab during rush hour. That must have been what was going through the minds of two businessman who actually brawled over a New York City cab recently.

In the video shot by a bystander, the two sharply dress guys both head for the same taxi at the same time. Instead of one just bowing out of the race gracefully, they started clawing at each other like petulant children.


They pulled, pushed, slapped, and swatted at each other in the middle of the street. One even put the other in a head-lock at one point. You'd think they were wanderers during the apocalypse going after the last dram of clean water instead of just weary Wall Streeters in a hurry to get home. "When they started fighting, the current passenger couldn't get out so the cabbie pulled forward 10 yards or so," Ron Senkowski, who shot the video, told the New York Daily News.

In the video, the man who exited the cab tries to calm the men down, but they just kept at it. One eventually makes it to the cab door first and slides into the back seat, but before being smacked on the head.

Two grown men acting like school boys in an after-school showdown is just plain silly. However, as ridiculous as this all may seem, I get it. They each thought the other was stealing their taxi. And let me tell ya, the seventh commandment of living in a big city is thou shalt not steal thy neighbor’s cab. It's infuriating and every New Yorker has been there -- waiting for a cab for what seems like forever, then as one approaches, someone walks up and snags it before it gets to you. I feel the urge to throw a blow too. Of course I don’t -- but I sure as hell want to. Wouldn't you?

Take a look at the showdown:

Do you think these guys were being juvenile? What would you have done?

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