Panicked Dad-to-Be Carjacks Vehicle to Get Pregnant Girlfriend to the Hospital

It's panic-inducing enough when you go into labor. Well, usually, it's the guy who panics. Ever notice that? You're the one about to push a tiny human being out of your uterus, and yet it's the guy who is running around like a headless chicken with a bath salts chaser. But imagine you go into labor and your boyfriend is driving you to the hospital when the worst happens ... you run out of gas. D'oh! So you begin walking. And walking and walking. For several miles. And then you start to feel dehydrated. Not to mention that you start bleeding. So your boyfriend grabs you and jumps straight in front of a passing car and demands that the driver take you both to the hospital. And the guy refuses. If you're panicky pops Robert Boudreaux of Deltona, Florida, this is when you lose your shit.


Reportedly, 31-year-old Boudreaux stopped the driver of a passing vehicle and demanded that he take him and his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital. For whatever reason (maybe Robert looked a bit like a guy you do NOT want in your car?!), the driver refused. So Robert did what any hysterical father-to-be would do: He threatened to shoot the guy.

Oh wait, a lot of fathers probably wouldn't do that. Maybe they'd call 911. Or wait for another, more willing driver. But not Robert. So he and his girlfriend got in the car. And then the driver came to a red light. What the hell? Don't the lights KNOW that Robert is in a hurry?! Robert ordered the driver to run the light. The driver refused. You probably guess what Robert did now, and it wasn't calmly explain the seriousness of the situation while asking if he could tune the car radio to NPR. No, he threatened to shoot the guy if he didn't get out of the car.

So Robert and his girlfriend continue on their merry cray cray way, Robert driving erratically. This is beginning to sound like another panicky father whose driving to the hospital leads to a tragedy, except the carjacked driver and had called the cops and soon Robert was leading them on a wild chase to the hospital.

Finally, cops cornered and arrested him in the hospital parking lot. While it's easy to feel sorry for a hysterical dad-to-be who temporarily lost his sanity, apparently Robert loses his sanity a lot because this is his third arrest this year. Somehow that's not entirely surprising, right?

No word on the health of the baby and the mother, but police described the mother as homeless. And no weapons were found on Robert.

Okay, so we're not exactly dealing with June and Ward Cleaver here. But this strikes me as one criminal who acted like any other panicked man with a pregnant lady on his hands. Except for that whole carjacking thing. But I can imagine your average dad being pushed to the brink of a crime if he was in panic mode and couldn't get his wife to the hospital.

But because of Robert's long criminal history, I don't think a judge will take much pity on his state of mind.

Does this guy deserve jail time? Or did he just panic?


Image via gallus/Flickr

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