Tony Danza Celebrity Rap Is Awesome ... Except for the Joe Paterno Part (VIDEO)

Tony Danza rapTony Danza, now that's a name that hasn't traversed the web in a while! But the actor who will always be best remembered for his roles as the cool but goofy Tony on Taxi and the cool but only slightly less goofy Tony in Who's the Boss? clearly has to let this Tupac Shakur thing go at some point.

But not yet. Danza (who is 61, when did that happen?) was at a Brooklyn book festival yesterday promoting his new book about the year he worked as a high school teacher, and took the opportunity to let loose with the little rap. It must have taken some work, too, to get all those unusual names to rhyme. It was great fun and very clever except for a few names he really should have left off the list ...


David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam serial killer who killed at least six people and terrorized New York for a year in the late '70s? Alright. But then, Joe Paterno? So I'm bopping along tapping my foot listening for all the names until ... I'm reminded of one of the worst child sex scandals in my lifetime. Why did he have to mention those guys?

I guess a fact is a fact. He mentioned a few gangsters, too, but that seemed okay since they are so old and dead, now they are more colorful than criminal in most people's minds. Oh, just watch.

Any names surprise you?

Image via Tim Donnelly/YouTube

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