Driver Flies Through Windshield & Walks Away From Scary Crash Unharmed (VIDEO)

truck crash

This may be the luckiest guy on the planet! A Russian truck driver got into a head-on, steel crushing collision with another tractor-trailer, flies through his windshield, and simply walks away from the scene of the horrific crash.

If you don't believe in miracles, you certainly will after seeing this absolutely stunning, jaw-dropping video of an accident you would never believe a mere mortal could survive.


The whole frightening scene was caught on the dash cam of a car traveling right behind the big rigs. You see one truck swerve into oncoming traffic and then smash into the another. The driver is thrown through the windshield head first and amazingly lands on his feet. It was like Peter Parker sans the Spider-Man outfit. I have never seen anything like it.

The driver doesn't seem to have any serious injuries and even walks around the wreck surveying the damage. This dude has one seriously hard-working guardian angel, don't you think? He was simply able to dust off his clothes and walked away after a massive, metal, and glass shattering crash. How many other people have been so fortunate? It's truly astounding to see.

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Can you believe this guy survived seemingly without a scratch?

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