3-Year-Old's Horrifying Drowning Sounds Like Neglectful Parenting (VIDEO)

Reena Mae Williams
Reena Mae Williams
Today in horrifying news: The parents of a 3-year-old who drowned last month came forward on Sunday to turn themselves in after a warrant was issued for their arrest on Friday. The body of their daughter, Reena Mae Williams, was found in a canal 25 yards from their home in Wisconsin in mid-August -- but before Reena drowned, a neighbor allegedly found her wandering the streets -- alone -- about 12 blocks from where she lived. (Did I mention she was 3?) The neighbor returned Reena to her house, but two hours later, the little girl was supposedly reported missing again.

The really disturbing part? This probably could have been prevented, as this was reportedly at least the sixth time this adorable toddler was found wandering the streets by herself. 


Reena's parents, Jenna Danish, 33, and Thomas Jay Williams, 44, reportedly have a pattern of drug use, and they're currently facing charges of child neglect. When police went to their home on Friday, no one was there, but several disturbing discoveries were allegedly made. According to the criminal complaint, the windows facing the canal where Reena drowned were covered with sheets, and regular and synthetic marijuana, along with accompanying paraphernalia, were found in the residence. The report also claims that the home is surrounded on three sides by water without appropriate fences or safety devices, making it an unsafe place for a toddler to live.

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It's always completely devastating when a child dies, but when it seems like their death could have been prevented, it makes things even more disturbing. If this girl was really seen wandering away from her home -- supposedly "miles away" -- why wasn't there any type of intervention earlier on? Clearly, these people weren't fit to be parents. This is a terrible tragedy that could have possibly been avoided.

Diana Naylor, the neighbor who found Reena hours before she drowned, said in a statement: "That was just appalling, that she could go missing and get returned, then be missing again an hour later." And she's right. It's completely appalling.

What do you think of this?

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