Bill Clinton Reveals How Hillary Really Feels About Running for President in 2016 (VIDEO)

bill clinton on CBS face the nationEver since Hillary Clinton lost the 2008 Democratic nomination to Barack Obama, there have been rumblings about the current Secretary of State running for president again in 2016. It definitely wouldn't be the most outrageous thing to imagine happening in four years, and it certainly wouldn't be an unwelcome turn of events as far as many Americans -- on the left, middle, and even some on the right I'd bet -- are concerned. But what are the chances we Hillary fans will get our wish?

If anyone knows the answer to that question, apart from Hillary herself, of course, it would be her husband, former president Bill Clinton. Hence why he was grilled on CBS’s Face the Nation this morning about his wife’s plans. And guess what! He's not completely ruling out another presidential run!


What he did say is that he has "no earthly idea what she'll decide to do." Ha! Sounds like an exasperated response, but he actually seemed pretty amenable to discussing the topic. The former POTUS also explained:

She wants to take some time off, kind of regroup, write a book, I hope we'll be working together [on the Clinton Global Initiative.] I think we ought to give her a chance to organize her life and decide what she wants to do. 

Fair enough. But being that she's already vowed to step down as Secretary of State at the end of President Obama's current term, she could have about four years to do exactly that, before gunning for the next election. And when it comes to who he sees as the best candidate for the job, Clinton made it clear that he's his wife's #1 fan. 

I know I’m biased. but I think she demonstrated as senator and as Secretary of State that she has extraordinary ability, a lot of commonsense, a lot of, you know, stick-to-itiveness. She’ll push a rock up a hill as long as it takes to get it up the hill.

He may be biased, but he's not alone. Plenty of other Americans feel exactly the same way and believe that Hillary's got exactly what it takes to be POTUS. Not to mention, it would be absolutely amazing to see her bust through the biggest glass ceiling to become be our first female president!

Guess we'll just have to wait and see what she decides. In the meantime, the fact that Bill is speaking so openly about the possibility should definitely be considered heartening to her supporters.

Here's the segment from CBS if you missed it ...

Would you want to see Hillary run in 2016?

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