Mom Photographs Newborn in Toilet & Other Dangerous Places to Get Back at the Dad

Brittany Lester

Four months after being shocked over the mom who abused her 10-month-old and texted video to the baby's father, we learn that this kind of thing is not an isolated incident. It actually happened again, with a baby even younger!

Unfortunately, this means that other lunatics out there are also doing this, more than we think, for which there is no explanation except that some people should not be allowed to breed. Speaking of which, that certain 22-year-old woman in Florida, who doesn't deserve to be referred to as a "mom," gets to spend a year in jail to reflect on whether posing her 5-week-old baby boy in dangerous places inside a motel room and sending the pictures to the baby's father was the most effective way to get her ex's attention. The photos she took are beyond belief.


Imagine squeezing your 5-week-old newborn between the heavy mattress and box spring, of a grimy motel bed no less, and taking a picture of him. Or putting him inside a trash can, both sitting up and laying down. Sprawled in a dresser drawer crying ... sitting in the toilet bowl! All while her other child, a 3-year-old, was there in the room with her. And just because she suspected her ex was messing around with another woman. Like this was going to make him run right back to her. Cruel and stupid. What he did do is run right to the police after receiving the abusive photos and accompanying threatening texts.

There were 13 photos in all, but I don't even want to know what other genius poses Brittany Lester, a topless dancer, came up with. I'm glad she's going to jail, but a year? That's a walk in the park. Lester needs to be put away for a lot longer than that.

The baby and the 3-year-old are fine, at least physically. Lord knows what kind of mental anguish they've both endured their short lives, and you can only hope that they will be given good homes and that this woman won't try to get them back once she gets parole. Even if she tries to argue that she only took staged shots, that no one got hurt, it's still child abuse, still sick, still something that warrants you losing your children forever. Some things are a one-shot deal, and child abuse -- in any form -- should be one of them.

How much jail time do you think she deserves? Is taking her children away from her punishment enough?

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