Soldiers in Afghanistan Rescue 2-Day-Old Baby Left to Die in the Middle of Nowhere

afghanistanWhenever stories of infant babies being abandoned hit the news circuit, I think it's safe to say we all have the same reaction: What kind of person would do that? There are few things more heartbreaking on this Earth than hearing about a precious few-days-old baby left alone to die. But imagine being the person, or people, who stumble upon a newborn left alone on the side of the road? Dear God, I can't think of anything more horrifying. Unfortunately, it just happened this week -- and Polish soldiers in Afghanistan were the ones to find the child. The troops approached a small bundle on the side of the road in a particularly barren area and thought it might be an improvised explosive device (IED) ... but it turned out to be a tiny baby girl, alive and wrapped in a towel.


The troops immediately took the 2-day-old to the medical center at their base, and gave her the name Pola, after their country. Soldiers were sent out to buy formula, a bottle, and a bib for the little girl. Despite the horrific ordeal she's been through, she's currently doing okay.

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Without a doubt, the men and women serving in the military are some of the most respected people in the world. Not everyone could do what they do. But I think we forget or, more so, can't comprehend some of the atrocities they must witness on a daily basis. I mean, could you imagine finding a 2-day-old child left to die in the middle of nowhere? Thankfully (hopefully), that's not something most of us ever have to worry about encountering -- soldiers, however, do. The troops who found this baby and brought her to safety aren't just heroes for fighting for their country, they're guardian angels sent to protect Pola.

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Image via james_gordon_los angeles/Flickr

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