Newlywed Man Killed in Tragic Car Accident on His Honeymoon

newlywed coupleA newlywed couple who just married a few days ago had a very sad end to their love story this past week while on their honeymoon in New Zealand. They crashed their car and the husband, 31, was killed while the wife, 28, is in the hospital in critical condition. It's one of those stories that really makes you take stock and be so grateful.

Every moment matters, doesn't it?

As wedding guests, we are emotional and we cry at the beauty of it all. Two people pledging love and devotion to one another for a lifetime is a truly beautiful thing. Sure, not every marriage works. Some divorce. Some just fizzle and end up with two unhappy people. But we don't think about that at the beginning. We think about love. We think about forever. We think about family. That is what makes this all the more tragic.


They were supposed to have 70 years together. They were supposed to live to 100 and be happy and have children and buy a house and bask in love for the rest of their lives. Of course, that isn't how it happened. Just days after one of the happiest days of their lives comes the most tragic. It's sickening.

I know it makes me want to hug my husband just a little tighter. After 12 years together, it can be easy to forget just how much you love each other. In the stress of raising kids and living our everyday lives, it's easy to get away from that honeymoon bliss, that glow of love we once had.

But we shouldn't. Every day we have with our spouse is a gift. We should all cherish it. Some people aren't lucky enough to make it to 10 years or even one. My heart breaks for this newlywed woman who had so much to look forward to.

I hope that she recovers from her injuries and is able to appreciate what little time she had with her husband. I am sure he would have wanted her to go on and carry that love they had forward in her life.

This story is just so tragic.

Do you take your spouse for granted ever?


Image via martinak15/Flickr

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