Voter ID Laws Rob Grandma & 5 Million Others of Their Legit Vote (VIDEO)

sarah silverman let my people voteOnce upon a time in America, only land-owning men could vote. But then we decided that wasn't quite fair, so we eventually made voting the right of every citizen 18 years and older. But that's not the end of the story.

Ever since crooked politicians figured out that certain people seem to vote certain ways, they've been coming up with cockamamie laws that get in the way of those certain people from voting at all. Then they started telling us a big, fat LIE: They call it "ballot security" but it's really voter suppression. Voter fraud is nearly non-existent. And yet, an estimated five million would-be voters will be disenfranchised this year thanks to voter ID laws.

Here, let comedian Sarah Silverman explain it to you. NSFW WARNING: This video is sooooo Not Safe For Work. Put in your headphones.


Sarah's got a potty mouth, but she's right. We shouldn't let these assholes steal Americans' votes. If you or your Nana plan on voting in the following states, make sure you check out the voter ID laws there: PAINFLTNMISD, IDLAKSNH, or GA. Then do what you gotta do so you can vote. Check out for more information.

Still don't buy it? Let's hear PA State Senator Mike Turzai spell it out again. 

Thanks Senator Turzai! I think you've made the purpose of these voter ID laws crystal clear. They're so NOT about voter fraud. Voter fraud is a problem that DOES NOT EXIST.

The end. I mean, what else is there to say? This is cheating. And I'm shouting it from the rooftops. Voter ID Laws Are Cheating! Don't let these guys, you know, metaphorically perform anal sex on you, as Sarah put it. Get informed and spread the word.

Do you know if you have the proper ID to vote -- as is your right?


Image via Sarah Silverman/YouTube

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