Scott Brown Majorly Loses His Cool in Senate Debate With Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth WarrenSenator Scott Brown is one seriously good looking man. In one hour of television devoted to the Massachusetts senate debate between Brown and candidate Elizabeth Warren, the most important takeaway is still this: he's hot. But judging from last night's debate, that's about all he is.

Brown is typically a decent debater. He comes off as affable and likable, and a little "every man" in a way that appeals to voters. But on Thursday night he was way, WAY off his game. At times he became visibly angry at Warren and seemed flustered and far outmatched in intelligence.

With a debate, it's not always easy to say who "won." But in this one, there can be no doubt: Warren came off as intelligent, even kind. Brown looked like a sputtering doofus whining, "But I am SMAHT! I am!" See his five angriest lines below:


I want to protect the job creators who are getting up in the middle of the night and creating jobs ...

The middle of the night, eh? Who might those people be, Scott? Perhaps you are a bit out of touch with the American worker, but 6 a.m. is the average wake-up call. Some may get up in the middle of the night to work. But that's not the norm. Maybe he has a special love for middle of the night workers. Or maybe he's a late sleeper. Who knows. Either way, he looked doltish.

I live in a house full of women.

Really! I have a penis, but I like TOTALLY love women! Even smart ones like you, E. Warren! In all seriousness, how many times did we need to hear this? We get it. You have women in your house. Big deal. Having a daughter or a wife doesn't make you a man who cares about women. Actually securing their future and supporting jobs for ALL women does. Brown fails even the most basic "cares about women" test.

Professor Warren claimed she was a Native American, a person of color. As you can see, she’s not. That being said, she checked the box.

OK, dude. Way to beat a dead horse here. Brown sure did try to make the whole debate about Elizabeth Warren's heritage, but she answered the question: It never gave her any career advantage and even a former boss had no idea that she had listed herself as Native American. There is no smoking gun here. There is nothing that Warren hasn't explained. Let's talk about the actual issues, shall we?

I hope all you union guys out there ...

There were at least three times during the debate when Brown made reference to someone "out there." Whether it was union "guys" (what happened to that "house full of women" Scott?) or "women" or "puppies" (just kidding), Brown was very interested in directly addressing them in way that seemed embarrassingly slick and insincere.

Professor Warren ...

Brown insists on referring to Warren as "Professor Warren," as if that somehow means she is bad. Newsflash: Being a professor at Harvard is, like, kind of a GOOD thing. She is smart, spends a lot of time thinking, has a lot of education, and is at the top of her game professionally. She is at one of the top universities in the world solely on the strength of her intelligence. Was that what you were trying to remind us of, MISTER Brown?

All in all, Brown wasn't awful. But he lost his cool, which, in a debate, is the first sign that a person has no idea what they are doing. Warren won this one. But there are still three more to go.

Did you watch the debate? What did you think?


 Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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