Father Can Only Save One of His Daughters From Tragic Car Fire (VIDEO)

teen daughtersThis is easily one of the most heartbreaking stories I've ever heard, but I feel compelled to share. A South Carolina man was sitting at home when his neighbor knocked on the door explaining that there was a car accident nearby, and the vehicle was on fire. Earnest Andrews "just took off running" when he heard the news, and saw, just a few yards from his house, that the car was his, and inside were his two daughters who were on their way home from performing in their high school marching band's halftime show.

When he got closer to the engulfed car, he heard one of his daughters yelling, "Daddy! Daddy!" and did what any father would -- he tried to get them out.


Earnest was able to save his 14-year-old daughter Shayla, then when he went back for 17-year-old Joye, the car exploded. Joye was killed.

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The pain and suffering this family is going through right now is unimaginable. I can't even begin to put myself in their shoes -- to lose a daughter and a sister like that, simply awful.

However, had Earnest not reacted as fast as he did, had he not sprinted out of the house to help, he could have lost both daughters. I'm sure it's impossibly difficult to feel grateful at this moment, but Shayla's alive because of him, and that's certainly something to give thanks for.

There is, unfortunately, more bad news. This isn't the first time the Andrews family has had to bury a child -- just last year, a third sister was killed in a car accident in Florida.

The enormity of this tragedy seems unbearable ... until you think of Shayla. She's a little ray of hope, and when you watch this video, you'll fall in love with her as much as your heart will break for her, and with her.

So sad. But it's a story like this that really puts things into perspective.

So, what are you grateful for today?


Photo via News19WLTX/YouTube

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