Kind Bus Driver Gives Away His Shoes & Makes Us All Want to Be Better People (VIDEO)

bus driverIt isn't common, but every once in a while, we witness an act of kindness that is so touching, so selfless, so ... rare in our me me me society, that it's impossible to not have it affect our day -- for the best. At least until we get stuck in traffic and "can't believe the universe is doing this to us again!"

A bus driver in Winnipeg, Canada recently shocked his passengers -- in a good way -- when he pulled his bus over to help a homeless man out who was shivering in the cold weather. No, he didn't give the man a ride. He did something much kinder.


Tuesday, during the morning commute, the bus driver, who hasn't been identified, but is described as being in his mid-20s and "very polite", pulled over and started chatting with a homeless man. At first he just yelled, "Hey, buddy" to the man. Then he got off.

Passengers on the bus say they were confused as to what was going on, assuming that some sort of altercation was about to occur. And when the bus driver got back on, he wasn't wearing shoes, causing them to be even more baffled. So, one of the passengers on the bus, Denise Campbell, asked the driver what had happened, and why he didn't have his shoes. The bus driver replied, "I couldn't stand seeing someone walking barefoot in this temperature like this. I just saw him walking and thought, 'Hey, I could do something.'"

Yep, he gave a perfect stranger the shoes off his feet, and finished his route in his socks. If that isn't a random act of kindness, I don't know what is.

Let us all allow this marinate for a few minutes, shall we? Before we get back to our to-do lists and our tweeting and our Kim Kardashian-spectating, let's think about this -- and try, even if it's only for a few hours, to be nicer people.

What random acts of kindness have you witnessed?

Image via BuzzFarmers/Flickr

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