Knott's Berry Farm Thrill Ride Gives Riders a 3-Hour Dangle From Hell (VIDEO)

WindseekerWhen a person goes to an amusement park, they expect amusement, a "thrill," and maybe even a little bit of fear. Unfortunately for a few unlucky patrons of Knott's Berry Farm, the Windseeker ride -- a carousel of sorts that propels riders in a circle 300 feet off the ground -- malfunctioned on Wednesday and left them stranded in the air. For three hours.

Oh. My. GAWD. Who can even imagine?

It's a controlled kind of fun that is supposed to end in a certain way. You get three minutes of excitement and then you are on the ground again. Not this time, I guess. Luckily for the park, it sounds like there was no panic and most people on the ride were content to dangle a bit. It could have been much worse.


Still, as one who grew up loving roller coasters and then graduated to bigger thrills like bungee jumping and sky diving, I was always aware most amusement park rides exist for "safe" fun. Sure, you get the rush, but it's also in a very controlled way.

The Windseeker riders have a story they can tell forever. They have the fun of a REAL thrill, AND they probably got free trips to Knott's for life (if they want them), AND no one died. It's really a win all around.

Of course, it's hard to think of all the variables -- the wife who was pushed by her husband, the 8-year-old who JUST met the height requirement and was nervous, the mom who was riding with her young son. When I think of being stuck on that ride myself, it sounds kind of fun and thrilling. When I think of being stuck on that ride with my 5-year-old? HELL no. I would have six panic attacks and die.

It's all context. Knott's is very lucky all those people were cool and there was no panic because judging from video of the ride, this is a scary one. See below:

Seems like everyone got a bit more "thrill" than they bargained for!

What would you do if you were stuck on this?


Image via YouTube

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