Chick-fil-A's Change of Heart Gives a Giant Middle Finger to All Those Who Hate

Chick-fil-AYesterday we learned that embattled fried chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A was backing off their strong anti-gay platform a bit by putting new language in their company book that welcomes gays and lesbians. Also, it seems, they said in meetings that they will cease to make donations to organizations with a political agenda. Can I get an amen?

The restaurant came under massive fire last July and August when it was revealed that CEO Dan Cathy donated millions through his WinShape Foundation (mostly funded by Chick-fil-A) to anti-gay marriage hate groups. Awesome. The people erupted and many boycotted the restaurant. Many people said they were being silly and he is allowed to donate what he wants and what will a boycott do anyway? Don't believe people said that? Just read the comments sections on our articles.

To them I say this: Boo-ya. Oh and power to the people. What was it that you said about apathy being awesome? Well, you were wrong. THIS is what protest and passion can do, people.


As we said yesterday, this isn't exactly a deal full of unicorns and rainbows. It's mostly a money thing and it's largely because Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno was blocking the restaurant from entering his district until they showed they were more tolerant. But still, it's change. It's a huge, massive change. And it's the people who made that happen. Amazing. 

It's an important thing to remember in this election season: passion makes a difference.

Lately, I have noticed a trend on Facebook and in my real life interactions where people think it's "cool" to be apathetic, to not care. It seems people hate politics on Facebook and keep threatening to leave the networking site over it. I say: Good riddance.

Choosing the next leader of our country is kind of a big deal. A restaurant that donates money to hate groups and people who support hurting people I love isn't the place I will spend my money. These things matter. As the great writer Connie Schultz recently said on Facebook: "There is no high road to apathy."

It may have seemed like a small thing. So what if a stupid chicken restaurant supports "traditional" marriage? Don't they have a right to their own beliefs? Yes. They do. But I, as a consumer, choose to spend my money wisely and I won't drop dollars at a place I know gives money to causes I abhor. The end.

It turns out, enough people felt the same way I did and it affected the company's bottom line. Look, money talks. The people have spoken and hate lost.

If you can still say apathy is better or that protest is pointless after that, then there's not much else to say.

Are you glad Chick-fil-A changed their stance a bit?


Image via Collin Harvey/Flickr

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