Father's Rage Over Potty Training Accident May Have Led to Bianca Jones' Death (VIDEO)

D'Andre Lane
D'Andre Lane
When 2-year-old Bianca Jones disappeared last December 2, I don't think it's a stretch to say that few believed her father, D'Andre Lane when he claimed that she was abducted during a carjacking. But claims the prosecutor made today during Lane's first degree murder trial about how Bianca really died, are so horrific we don't want to believe them either.

According to the Huffington Post, in an opening statement, the prosecutor said that Lane beat the toddler to death because she had a potty training accident.  For something that nearly every child does -- not because they're naughty, but because their little bodies aren't quite ready -- he allegedly took a stick, wrapped it with a towel and duct tape, and beat her until she died. Then, they say, he disposed of her body.


Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb told jurors:

The defendant was obsessed with toilet training. He believed that if 2-year-olds had accidents they should be physically punished. The defendant staged a carjacking to cover up the death of his baby.

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To think of her own father -- someone she likely loved and trusted -- doing this to her makes me almost think the carjacking scenario would have been the lesser of the evils. Not that this poor, innocent baby should have been met with any evil, but parents who kill their own children are some of the most heartless human beings I can imagine, and the shattering of that innocent trust is just inhumane.

Of course, he hasn't been proven guilty yet; and her body hasn't yet been found, so there's no bodily evidence this happened. His attorney, Terry Johnson, says the prosecutor's "case is based on the argument that he spanked her." He told jurors, "They want to paint him as the embodiment of evil."

He is, of course, innocent until proven guilty, and we should hear all of the facts before we condemn him. But if what prosecutors say is true, then "the embodiment of evil" seems about fitting.

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Can you imagine a father beating a child to death over a potty training accident?

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