Obama Goes M.C. Hammer in Priceless 'You Didn't Build That' Parody (VIDEOS)

obama you didn't build thatEver since President Obama tried to emphasize the role of government in fostering the growth of American businesses, conservatives have jumped on one itsy bitsy sound bite taken out of context: "You didn't build that." Everyone from Hulk Hogan to Mitt Romney has run with it, and of course, the counter-message "We built this" even became the official party line slogan at the RNC. Too bad the interpretation of Obama's original quote was so completely twisted by the Republican party. But hey, that's how we handle politics in America today -- by jumping on one quote, taking it out of context, and blowing a false interpretation out of proportion.

Poking fun at this phenomenon, Hugh Atkin -- who in 2008 brought us "Barack Roll" -- came up with a hilarious parody of M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," entitled "U Didn't Build That" by "'MC Bama," which features amazing clips of the POTUS and FLOTUS boogying down! Check it out ...


But first, in case you haven't seen it, here are Obama's original "You didn't build that" comments from back in July ...

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Now, check out the smart and funny spoof ...


Ha, yep, see what you can do with one silly little sound bite? (Or a few.) But when it's heard in its full context, it's obvious he was saying no one earns success 100 percent alone. If you're successful, "somebody along the line gave you some help." A teacher -- who perhaps inspired you to go into medicine, your neighbors -- who paid taxes that went toward building roads and bridges that you drive on to get to your office, the government research that created the Internet -- so you could start your dot com. Why is that so difficult or wrong to acknowledge?

And yet, at the same time, Mitt Romney was calling for his "47 percent" statement to be put in context. Hilarious, because when we got the full context from that fundraising dinner speech, it only served to make him LOOK WORSE! Just goes to show ... formulating opinions based on bits, bites, and blurbs is always a recipe for disaster.

What do you make of Obama's "you built this" quote? How 'bout the M.C. Hammer parody?


Image via Charlie Spierling via CSPAN/YouTube

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