Clint Eastwood Makes Same Sex Marriage Argument Even GOP Can't Argue With (VIDEO)

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood has been the darling of the right since his surprise chat with an "invisible Obama" at the Republican National Committee's convention last month. So here's hoping his GOP pals will be willing to listen to what the actor and director has to say about same sex marriage. Heck, the message Eastwood is peddling is one the left should find pretty appealing too.

Yes! The two can come together! And it's easier than you'd think! So how does it work?


Well, Clint showed up on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show this week to talk about his new movie and his rather odd GOP speech, and he affirmed what we already knew: he supports marriage equality. Thank goodness that didn't change!

But how can he when he's making nicey nice with the party that has made it clear they think that homosexuals are ruining America? Because as he put it while explaining his stance as a Libertarian:

You believe in government staying out of your life.

If it sounds familiar, perhaps you've studied the Republican Party, the folks who hosted Mr. Eastwood a few weeks back? Theirs is the party that's long touted itself as working toward smaller government, limited regulations. They're the folks who say they want to keep the politicians from poking their noses into their private lives.

But what's that you say? What two men do in their own bedroom is ... private? Why these things might actually fit together!

Eastwood's continued support of same sex marriage will likely anger some of the self-same Republicans who were singing his praises a few short weeks ago, but the fact is, he's sticking closer to the party line than they are. If you want less government intrusion in people's lives, then it's time the government stay out of the bedrooms.

Check out the rest of what Clint had to say:

Does this restore your faith in Clint Eastwood? Are you a Republican or a Democrat (or neither)?

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