Stupid 'Innocence of Muslims' Trailer Should Remain on YouTube (VIDEO)

innocence of muslimsThe tragic attack on the United States Embassy in Libya last week has spurred the natural question asked whenever such events occur: Why? Why were Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American diplomats killed? Why have there been uprisings from the Arab Spring against United States Embassies in Yemen and Egypt? Why are the attackers burning American flags while laughing and dancing in the ash?

The instigator seems to be a little video on YouTube titled, Innocence of Muslims. The horrendously low-budget, incredibly offensive preview mocks Mohammad as a womanizer and pedophile. Understandably, Muslims were offended by the depiction.


After the murders in Libya, Southern California filmmaker Nakoula Basseley was taken in for questioning for his role in the production of the film. Apparently, creating media offensive to a particular religious group warrants taking someone into custody in the middle of the night for police questioning. Someone better tell Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

The Obama administration asked Google to take the video down from YouTube, but they refused. The video may be insulting, but that doesn’t mean that it caused the current unrest in the Middle East. Violence in that region has been around far longer than YouTube, after all.

It’s scary that President Obama asked for free speech to be squelched by calling for the removal of the offending video from the Internet. One of the greatest freedoms we enjoy in America is the freedom of speech -- the freedom to speak our minds no matter how offensive it might be to other people.

If we’re going to start banning stuff for being offensive, I’ve got a list of things that I’m sure will qualify, from MTV’s Jersey Shore to the common use of the N-word in the black community.

Or maybe we’re just banning things that are offensive to Muslims ... in which case we’ll have to ban bikinis, female equality, homosexuality, swearing in general, alcohol, bacon, and playing chess. Oh, and anyone that doesn’t believe in Allah -- they are the worst offenders of Islam.

This is America, where we have the freedom to believe what we want, and the freedom to mock others. Instead of focusing on this stupid video, maybe we could figure out why the safe house where Chris Stevens, gay ambassador in a predominantly Muslim territory, was not being guarded by the usual contingent of Marines on the eleventh anniversary of the al Qaeda terror attacks of 9/11?

It seems to me that someone dropped the ball, and it wasn’t YouTube.


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