Man Accused of Raping Duck -- Yes, Man Accused of Raping Duck

duckI've read (and written about) some sick things in my time here at The Stir, but I've gotta say, this story has to take the cake. A 50-year-old man in Turkey is currently being accused ... of raping a duck. Yes, a duck. The kind that swims in ponds, and talks in Aflac commercials. A duck.


The man was arrested after his in-laws accused him of raping one of their ducks during an overnight visit at their home. The man's father-in-law claims that he found "feathers and blood" in bed with the duck after his son-in-law's stay. The accused man, obviously, is dismissing these unsettling accusations, chalking them up to "slander."

Soooo, yeah ... bet you didn't think you'd be reading about this today. As neither did I. And apologies to you if you just ate. This goes to show you, man, that just when you think you've seen the sickest of sick shit out there, a man is accused of raping a duck.

I seriously hope this story isn't true, as, well, it's completely disgusting/inhumane/and every other negative adjective you can think of. But if it isn't -- that means this guy's in-laws are some twisted individuals themselves. I mean, who would think to accuse someone of raping a duck?

Whatever the outcome of this weird, gross tale, let's just all be happy that this poor, innocent duck is okay. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his or her family. This is the fowlest of crimes.

Ehhh ... thoughts on this one, guys?

Image via schrodingersduck/Flickr

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