Possible Al Qaeda Bomb Threats at 2 Universities Scare the Hell Out of All of Us

u of texasUniversity of Texas students and faculty were on high alert this morning after a possible Al Qaeda bomb threat. Just days after starting the new semester -- and three since the anniversary of 9/11 -- they were greeted with a terrifying message from the administration via Twitter:

Evacuation due to threats on campus immediately evacuate all buildings get as far away from the buildings as possible. More to come.

Though Texas' 50,000 students were not alone in their fears. Hours later, North Dakota State University officials also began ordering students to evacuate after receiving a similar threat.


While details are still emerging, a University of Texas source told CNN that "it was a general bomb threat on campus." Apparently, around 8:35 a.m., a man claiming to be affiliated with Al Qaeda called the school and said there were bombs all over campus that would go off at about 10 a.m. CT. 

Witnesses say, despite their fears, Texas students seemed to be leaving in an orderly and calm manner. Since then, police have blocked off roads to the sprawling campus.

Hundreds of miles away in North Dakota, employees and some 14,000 enrolled students were asked to leave campus, but no further details were given.

As frightening as these reports are for those students who are fleeing, their parents must be just as horrified knowing the danger their children many be in. This week we were all reminded of the terror that shook the nation and claimed thousands of lives on September 11, 2001, so these threats come at a particularly sensitive time for the country.

Do these new alleged terrorist threats come as a surprise to you?


Image via Paul Lowry/Flickr

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