Monica Lewinsky's Secret New Book Better Not Be '50 Shades of Slick Willie'

monica lewinskyIs it just me or were we all covertly shuttled into a DeLorean and 88 mph-ed back to 1998? First, President Bill Clinton gives The Speech to End All Speeches at the DNC, and now, the bane of Big Dog's existence, Monica Lewinsky, is making headlines again. Oh yes. It's true. Apparently, good ol' Mon has something juicy to share with the world, because she's been shopping around a brand new BOOK, according to Page Six.

Perhaps she was inspired by a certain writer's recent mega-success with a series about a steamy romance between a powerful man and a younger recent, college grad? Oh no. Please, do not tell me what we're looking at here is something like ... Fifty Shades of Slick Willie? Ha, OMG. Okay, that obviously cannot be it. So then what on earth does Monica want to write about?


Well, we're not going to find out any time soon, it seems, because although she's been making the rounds with major publishers, they've ALL been asked to sign NDAs (that's nondisclosure agreement for all you non-Fifty Shades fans) to take the meetings. Apparently, she'll likely have her pick of the litter when it comes to choosing the publisher of her book. An insider says, "I'm sure every major publisher was interested in hearing what she had to say."

I'm sure, too. Who wouldn't be intrigued to read whatever it is she has to say?! You know, as long as it's not what she already said back in 1999 when she told her side of the story to Andrew Morton for his book, Monica's Story.

Although I admit, I would TOTALLY read whatever she's got coming down the pipeline, at the same time, I'll be a bit sad for her if this forthcoming project really is more about the Bill Clinton scandal. You'd think that almost 15 years later, she would have moved beyond all that drama and want to be known for something else ... But perhaps not long as America still has an appetite for even further dirty details.

Can you believe this?! What do you think Monica's book will be about?


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