Son Finds Missing Mom Inside Deep Freezer -- Alive! (VIDEO)

deep freezerWhen I first heard a woman who'd been missing for five days was found in a deep freezer, I feared the worst. It sounded like the ending of some horrible murder. But no -- she's alive! And this wasn't (as far as anyone knows) the result of a crime.

Fifty-nine-year-old Theresa Christian was found sitting inside a deep freezer in a closet in her kitchen. Her family had been looking for her for days. It's amazing that she survived that long without any food or water! But how did she end up stuck there?


Her family is still trying to figure that out. She can't remember what happened, and she's now being treated for severe frostbite on her legs. But her son, William Andy Jr., puts it down to medications and the threat of a tornado. The last time he'd spoken to his mother, Saturday, she had mentioned a tornado. Maybe she was trying to take shelter? Andy adds, "She's on a lot of medication and was probably over-medicated and climbed into the freezer." Police say there is evidence that she tried to open the freezer door.

That poor woman! Thank goodness her sons were so persistent in trying to find her. They found her on their second search through her apartment. But what happened to Theresa sounds like something that could happen to any of us, especially once our kids are grown.

My mom lives with my youngest sister, who has cerebral palsy. If anything happened to my mom, I'm not sure my sister would be able to do anything about it -- she definitely wouldn't be able to call 911. Fortunately, they have home health aids who come over regularly. Plus, my brothers live nearby. I live on the other side of the country.

As for me, my apartment building has shared basement storage, and I've often wondered what would happen if someone ever locked the door behind me, thinking no one was down there. I think if I yelled enough, my neighbors would hear me -- except the people who live right above the basement spend their summers away! Maybe I should just take my cellphone with me every time I get into the storage area. - Tulsa, Oklahoma - News, Weather

Do you ever worry about getting stuck someplace where no one can find you?


Image via trenttsd/Flickr

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