Man & Woman Were Having Sex While Driving But That's Not Why They Crashed

amanda jean linscottAbout a week ago, a Florida woman allegedly attempted to rob a man at gunpoint. But that's not all. They were in a moving car at the time. But there's still more! They were also having sex at the time.


Police say Amanda Jean Linscott (26) was having sex with a man while he drove his car when she pulled a gun on him and demanded money. The victim says he then lost control of the car and crashed into a palm tree. Amanda is said to have jumped out of the car and run away. But after an investigation, police caught up with her a week later. Oh my, Amanda. You have some 'splaining to do.


This story begins, as many disaster stories begin, at a bar. The victim says he was at a bar with friends when he met Amanda and her friend. After the bar closed they all went to someone's house, where Amanda's friend had sex with the victim. Then she asked for money, as you do. I mean, I'm not saying the victim hired Amanda's friend as a hooker. Why would he tell the police that? I'm just saying, after having sex with her, he gave her $120.

Anyway, for some reason they agreed to meet up later at the convenient store. But when the victim got there, he saw Amanda instead. Close enough! They got into his car and rode off into the ill-fated sunset. And the rest is American Gothic history.

What was she thinking 1) having sex with someone while he's driving and 2) adding armed robbery on top of that? That's plum loco. Why wouldn't she at least dismount, or whatever, and then pull the gun? Was she on drugs? Totally out of her mind with desperation? Threatening to not let him "finish" until he paid her? Or was this some kind of death wish? Whichever it is, I just have to feel sorry for her. That's some deeply self-destructive behavior! They're both lucky to still be alive.

Why do you think Amanda allegedly attempted robbery under these circumstances?


Image via Charlotte County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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