Paul Ryan Has a Backup Plan if He’s Not Elected But We've Got 3 Better Job Ideas

Ppaul ryanaul Ryan is hedging his bets. The Republican vice presidential nominee has a Plan B if he isn't invited to move into the Naval Observatory. The Wisconsin Congressman has just spent $2 million on political ads in his home state encouraging voters to elect him ... back into the House. If this whole Romney-for-president thing doesn't work out, Ryan's backup plan is to reclaim his seat in Congress. Sounds like someone's a little nervous about becoming V.P., no?


Even if his Congressional ads aren't exactly a vote of confidence for his vice presidential campaign, it's not something that's out of the ordinary. Politicians are allowed to run for the two offices, and if Romney does in fact win, there will be a special election held for Ryan's congressional seat.

Also, this kind of hedging isn't unheard of, Veep Biden did the same thing back in 2008 ... he was running for congressional reelection in Delaware while campaigning with Obama.

Now all that said, I'm wondering if Ryan is wasting his time by trying to get reelected and, at the same time, elected. Maybe it's time he branch out a little, flex his, er, muscles in categories outside of politics.

While I disagree with most of his political views, Ryan seems like a multifaceted man who shouldn't be limited to lame titles like "vice president" and "congressman."

Perhaps Ryan would consider a career as something a little more awesome, like being a Governator. Now that Arnold's become a laughing stock, I think there's room for another super-buff state Governor in the spotlight. Bonus points for Ryan if he fakes an accent.

Then there's the obvious option -- personal trainer. Ryan could team up with man of the hour and Bachelor Pad 3 winner Nick Peterson to host a series of workout videos. At the end of each sweat-inducing session, they could do a touchdown dance on a photo of Rachel Truehart's face.

If those two careers don't pan out, Ryan could slink into his basement with a laptop and become an Internet meme all on his own. He has a good starting-off point with the Paul Ryan Gosling thing, so really, all he needs to do is upload a few shirtless pics and a funny quip or two, maybe post a cat video, and bizam, watch the ad sales money roll in. 

And if that doesn't work, there's always dating Kris Jenner.

Any funny career ideas for Paul Ryan?


Photo via monkeyz uncle/Flickr

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