10-Year-Old Victim Forced to Live a Backyard Fence Away From Her Sex Offender

chain link fence

Learning that your child was the target of a sexual predator is horrifying enough. Now imagine if you had to live next door to the monster that attempted to have sex with your 10-year-old daughter.

That is the nightmare South Carolina dad Chris Smith is living in. He says that the neighbor who tried to fondle and rape his child lives just feet away and there is nothing he can do about it.


The only thing separating his daughter from Kerry Dane Marlowe -- the man convicted of criminal solicitation of a minor for exposing himself and trying to kiss her -- is a backyard fence. This sex offender is still allowed to live next door to his victim.

According to Smith, a drunk Marlowe came up to his daughter while she was playing in the backyard and asked if he could lick her like the cat. He then started making lewd comments through the fence. He also offered to rub a special lotion on her when the girl complained about mosquito bites.

When she told her father what happened, he called the police. At a hearing before sentencing, Marlowe was ordered to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet and stay at least a mile away. That changed, however, when he pleaded guilty to criminal solicitation and was sentenced to four years probation and required to stay just 30 feet from the girl. So basically, the man who exposed his penis to her, the man who might have attacked if given the chance, only has to be 30 feet away.

If you are not outraged yet -- just wait to you hear the explanation from prosecutor Candice Lively. Even though Marlowe admitted he was drunk and asked the child if she would sleep with him, she said that he does not fit the profile of a sex offender. WHAT???!!!!! Then what the hell is the definition of a sex offender? Being drunk is not an excuse. What the hell is going to happen the next time he gets hammered?

Well, they can't make the guy sell his house, so unless that little girl's dad can find a buyer, they are stuck. Good luck selling a home next to a convicted sex offender! Is it just me or does this seem like the victim and her family are the ones being punished here?

Does this story shock or enrage you?


Image via tuchodi/Flickr

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