Teen Girl Is Murdered Before She Can Testify in Horrific Rape Case (VIDEO)

franklin davisAnother day, another horrifying story in the news. A 30-year-old man named Franklin Davis is currently in jail for allegedly murdering a 16-year-old girl named Shania Gray -- because she was going to testify against him in a rape case.

According to police, Davis, whose nickname is "Wish," lured Gray into a meeting via a phony social media account, then abducted her from school and drove her to a river, where he allegedly shot her twice with a .38-caliber pistol, then stepped on her neck until she stopped breathing. After she fell into the river, Gray reportedly just said: "Why, Wish?"

Davis was charged with capital murder on Sunday. On Monday, he gave an interview from prison -- where he confessed to some truly bizarre things.


First, here's the back story: Gray met Davis when she was hired to babysit his two children. When she started declining requests to babysit, it looked odd -- and she eventually told her grandmother that Davis had raped her. The grandmother then reported the crime to police; Davis was charged with four counts of sexual assault of a child, and the trial was set to start next month.

In the interview, Davis claimed that he only wanted to talk to Gray in order to prove his innocence, and that he was overcome by "demons" once he and she were face-to-face. He explained: "I needed to get some kind of evidence, some kind of proof myself to show I did not have sex with her and that she's lying ... I was fighting demons. It was like a different person was in me. It wasn't me."

Wow. Whether he was "himself" or not -- or whether "demons" overcame his body -- this is disgusting just the same. There is nothing that can bring back this beautiful high school junior who had her entire life ahead of her. If Davis was trying to get out of being accused of rape, did he honestly think that murder was the option? Typically, the punishment is much more severe for that. There really are no words to describe this kind of horrific tragedy. Although no real justice can ever be served in this kind of case, hopefully, eventually -- somehow -- Gray's family and friends will be able to have some sort of peace.

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