2 Planes Get Stuck Together in Mid-Air & Then Make Miraculous Landing (VIDEO)

planes collideAs much as I love going places, I HATE flying. Actually, I more so hate turbulence. Once the plane starts a-rocking, don't come a-knockin' ... at my seat ... because I'm probably having an Aviva Drescher-style panic attack. I like my flights to be smooth and uneventful -- no sudden jolts, dips, or collisions with other planes, thanks. So, if I was on either of these airplanes that collided into one another -- and then got stuck together -- it's pretty much a guarantee that I would crap my pants.

But good news! Both of these planes landed safely, despite getting caught up in one of the strangest things ever -- and somebody, who clearly wasn't all that ruffled by this occurrence, got it on tape.


Terrifying, right? I really have no idea how this guy was able to sit there calmly and film the entire event. Apparently, he's a professional cameraman, but didn't he have panicking to do? I'm amazed at this guy's composure.

Thankfully, the end to this downright bizarre event is a good one. One of the planes landed safely on the beach while the other one made it to a nearby airport.

This video certainly hasn't appeased my "distaste," shall we say, for air travel. But one thing's for sure -- sometimes, you just have to trust the pilot.

Are you scared of flying? What do you do to help yourself with this fear?

Image via mrnathv2/YouTube

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