Famous 'Obama Hugger' Slammed With Restaurant Boycott for 'Embracing' the President (VIDEO)

obama bear hug scott van duzerThe photo of Big Apple Pizza and Pasta owner Scott Van Duzer sweeping President Obama right off his feet, AKA the bear hug heard 'round the world, may have been The Best Thing You've Seen All Week. How can you not smile when you hear how Obama dropped by the Ft. Pierce, Florida pizza joint, commented on Van Duzer's "big guns," and then got pulled into the biggest bear hug EVER?

Well, apparently, not only are some staunch conservatives not smiling, but some were so turned off by Van Duzer's affectionate embrace of the POTUS that they've called for a boycott of his pizza joint and have taken to posting nasty reviews for the restaurant on Yelp! What the ... What is wrong with people!?


Obama told The New York Times that Van Duzer's effort in promoting blood donations was part of the reason the campaign decided to visit his pizza shop. And this is how the guy gets repaid? Being boycotted for hanging out with the POTUS? Insane!

Van Duzer explained to Politico:

People are saying a lot of bad things and boycotting my restaurant. There’s no middle line anymore, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with our country right now.

So sad. I couldn't agree more. Even if the registered Republican hadn't gone public with his intention to vote for the Democrat in November, I'd bet he'd be boycotted by right-wingers who can't stand to see anyone support Obama. But let's get one thing straight ... Like it or not, Obama is the President! Even if Van Duzer was hell-bent on voting for Romney, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being respectful and even cheerful when the President of the United States walks through your door!

Van Duzer and President Obama's exchange wasn't polarizing by any means. Neither of them made it about party or politics. It was simply the POTUS recognizing a regular American for his good deeds and patronizing his small business. No matter what party you affiliate with, you shouldn't have a problem with that -- or with Van Duzer's pizza!

Check out this video for more details on the bear hug ...


Do you think Van Duzer deserves to be boycotted?


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