Joe Biden Flirts With Biker Chick & Officially Becomes America's Smarmiest Uncle (VIDEO)

joe bidenVice President Joe Biden is a mysterious man. He can make his hair grow back after going bald, he can incite panic with a few words about travel during the swine flu "crisis," and he can make a country cringe when he's photographed whispering sweet nothings into the ear of a lady biker who's close enough to look like she's seated on his lap. This latest Biden gaffe (and yeah, let's acknowledge this is a gaffe, no one is really looking at these photos and saying, Great job, Joe! High five!) comes out of Seamen, Ohio, where Biden stopped to make a few new friends on the campaign trail.

Evidently, one thing led to another and an unidentified female member of the Shadowmen biker group took a seat in front of Uncle Joe's lap and smiled as he probably talked about how beautiful the Naval Observatory is this time of year, and how he loves the smell of motor oil and leather in the morning.


After their little love fest was over, Biden asked if he could borrow one of their bikes, and the biker dudes were like, no, and Biden was like, haha, didn't think so. And then he left.

I'm assuming he got a text from Barack a few hours later that read, "Dude. HONESTLY," but that hasn't been confirmed.

But I gotta hand it to Joe, the national man of mystery is pretty darn entertaining. He's way more interesting than Paul Ryan, who merely runs marathons and plays with Ayn Rand and Thomas Aquinas action figures in his spare time. Biden's at least got that smarmy, dirty uncle thing going for him. I bet he gets a new liver spot each time he winks.

There are only a few weeks left for Biden to do something totally and utterly inappropriate before election day in November -- here's hoping Obama loosens the leash and Uncle Joe's allowed to have a digestif before mingling with the commoners. Now that we've got this biker photo, all I want is more dirty Joe in my life. Great job! High five!

What do you think of Biden and the biker?

Photo via Rusty Darbonne/Flickr

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