Watch Rampaging Bison Nearly Mow Down a Bunch of Kids (VIDEO)


Looks like we need a new installment of when animals attack! In a video reportedly shot in Yellowstone National Park, a group of children were charged by a rampaging bison.

At first the kids and the huge creature appear to be peacefully co-existing in the great outdoors. He's minding his own business. They are watching him in wide-eyed amazement. Then, as if someone turns on a switch in its furry head, the bison suddenly tries to mow down a group of small children who must run for their lives. It's shocking and frightening to see.


After the bison snaps, the visitors scatter, but he zeros in on one particular young boy, who narrowly escapes with his life. Then, as quickly as the attack began, it's over. The animal heads back into the shrubbery and the tourists, by the grace of God, escape without any major injuries.

I know they are wild animals, but honestly something about cute, furry, pasture-roaming bison never seemed as scary or dangerous as snakes, bears, and mountain lions. But once I Googled it, I learned that bison attacks are more common than you would think. There are many stories about the beasts charging, including one of a woman who was lucky to survive being flipped in the air. The lesson here: we are the ones trespassing in their backyard. It doesn't matter how docile they may seem, be on the safe side and admire at a very long, long distance away.

Check out the unexpected attack:

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Are you surprised to hear of a bison attack?


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