Defiant Rape Victim Shoots Her Attacker Where It Really Counts

gunIn news that's so wrong it's right, an alleged rapist sat in an Ohio courtroom on Friday with a giant bandage over one side of his face from getting shot. Any idea who pulled the trigger? That's right, a rape victim fought back against her attacker, took the gun he held against her head, and shot him right in the face!

Considering the horror she had to endure, I say good for her. And good for her for going for the face especially. I know people might think it would be better to shoot a little lower considering what Duane Portman Sr. is accused of doing, but a gunshot wound to the face does something better.


It ensures a rapist can't hide. 

By aiming high, this woman scared off her attacker and marked him for the world to see. You can put a pair of pants on your nether regions and cover it all up. You can't hide a gunshot wound to the face.

Of course, any gunshot wound is going to arouse suspicion if it's bad enough to require medical treatment. You go to the hospital, and they're going to call the cops. Portman, who works as a cleaner on an "as-needed" basis at the Labelz 4 Less store where the woman was raped, allegedly tried to play it off that he didn't "remember" who shot him when he went to the hospital in Springfield. 

But the rape victim, who was allegedly kidnapped and taken to Labelz 4 Less, was obviously one smart cookie. She also went to the cops. She told them what she'd done, including the way she'd marked her attacker in her fight to regain control over her own body.

It would be easy as a victim to just let it happen and to hide away after that. There is no shame in dealing with this kind of trauma in that way, the best way you know how. But this incredible woman has sent a message to these disgusting pigs who rape. You won't get away with it. It will come out. And hopefully it will mark you for life.

What do you think of how this woman fought back?


Image via The Knowles Gallery/Flickr

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