Armed Robbery Suspects With Baby in Tow Must Be Master Multitaskers (VIDEO)

robbery babyThis is so, so wrong. But it's also kind of impressive! But mostly it's just horribly wrong. A couple in Atlanta is wanted for robbery, but here's the crazy part: It looks like they took their baby with them. Seriously. They allegedly committed armed robbery twice in a weekend -- and victims say they brought the damn baby along for the ride in a stroller. 

What the hell! Two robberies and a little baby: One of these things is not like the others. Can you guess which one it is? And how is that baby staying so calm, by the way?


So obviously this is NOT HOW YOU DO THINGS. If you have a baby, don't commit armed robbery. (Don't commit armed robbery anyway ...) And if you do feel compelled to commit armed robbery, do be sure and secure some childcare for the wee babe, mkay?

Right. So with that public service announcement out of the way, I have to admit, I am a little envious of this couple's multitasking skills. I thought it was hard to go grocery shopping with a baby. But robbing? That's kind of high risk. You might need to make a quick escape. You definitely need the baby to be quiet and content. How did they pull it off?

Never mind, I don't want to know. The couple was caught on surveillance camera just minutes before a man says he was robbed by a couple with a baby at gunpoint. He claims they took his money, cards, and ATM pin. A similar crime starring the same family was reported the following day. Good lord, for the sake of that child, I hope the police find these parents. This sounds like a sad case of not having enough money to support a child ... but there are better ways!

Would it surprise you to be held up by a couple with a baby?


Image via PIX11

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