There's No Excuse for Leaving Toddlers Home Alone ... Not Even 'But We Were Getting Married!'

bride handcuffsUnwed parents don't exactly have it easy in our society. Every time they turn around there's another judgmental snob telling them they're failing their kids because they're not married. But let's talk about the parents who ran off to get married this week ... allegedly leaving their three toddlers home alone.

Can you imagine what was going through their heads there? Did Dad turn to Mom and say "Gee, honey, I just can't stand living in sin for one more minute ... let's run off and get hitched"? And no one thought to call a babysitter?


Actually, Florida cops say Kymberely Frederick, 30, and Daniel Richards, 34, did call a sitter ... but it wasn't until after they'd left for their "wedding" at the Seminole County Courthouse. The couple's neighbor, who'd lent them her car so they could go see the judge and make this whole thing legal, then went over where she allegedly found the couple's 1-year-old, 2-year-old, and 3-year-old children ... all home, with nary an adult in sight.

Frederick had also apparently left a note, written out to their two older children who are in school, directing them to give them a call when they got to the house.

Are you getting all this? This couple allegedly left three toddlers alone PLUS they planned to be gone long enough that they expected their other kids would get home from school before they'd returned. It just gets more bizarre by the minute, doesn't it?

Not to mention these parents of five kids decided to get married in the middle of a weekday (!?) without taking their own children along to be part of such a big family event! I was already married when I became a mom, but I don't think I've met a single parent yet who did things in the opposite way who didn't want to include their kids in their major moment. But then, none of the parents I know would leave three toddlers home alone because they know what kind of horrible things can happen when young kids are left to their own devices for even a few minutes!

Fortunately the cops who responded to the neighbor's call found one child in a bed and two more in their cribs, and everyone is physically fine. Frederick and Richards, on the other hand, are now dealing with matching metal bracelets to go with their new rings. They're facing felony child-neglect charges.

Something tells me this is a honeymoon they won't forget ...

What do you think of this whole crazy story?


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