Dumb College Kids Play a 'Hilarious' Prank That Almost Kills a Woman

prankIt's that time of year again! We're all going back to school, and for two kids at St. Leo University, it was also a great time to play a prank. Oh and what's funnier than putting furniture polish/oil on a floor and watching people fall?

Now Tyler Slaveski and Ryan Tannenbaum, both 18, owe a large fine and may face up to a year in jail after their "prank" landed a girl on crutches in the ER with a bruised lower back and a possible concussion.

Nice job, geniuses.


College is supposed to be a great time to grow up, but this is a little extreme. No one expects 18-year-olds to be full mature, but these boys sounds like they need to go back to middle school.

In some ways I feel for them. To be a criminal, it seems "malice" should be part of the equation. My guess is neither of these kids meant to really hurt anyone. They have probably seen too many YouTube videos of people falling and expected humor, not hospitalization.

Well guess what? This kind of idiocy is criminal, too. Just because a person isn't capable of thinking fully about the consequences of his or her actions because they are stunningly immature doesn't get them off the hook so easily. You're still responsible for your actions.

"Pranks" are only funny when they're harmless. This wasn't harmless at all. If I were that girl, I wouldn't be laughing. She was just trying to start school, probably annoyed she was on crutches, and then boom! Because of their idiocy she is in even worse shape.

That's not funny. That's not a "prank." That's a crime. And a super stupid one at that. Is there a stupidity charge? If not, there should be.

Do you think these kids should be charged?


Image via Nieve44/Luz/Flickr

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