Delegates Complain About Lack of Childcare at DNC (VIDEO)

Moms Matter 2012

For the delegates, the Democratic convention was one big political pep rally. But while some stayed busy attending caucus meetings and parties, others were juggling their delegate duties with taking care of their kids.

How'd they do it? Well, it wasn't easy. Click through to see what some of these delegates had to say to CafeMom.


Childcare at the convention has made news this week. A Los Angeles delegate made headlines, arguing that her 4-year-old daughter should be allowed to accompany her on the floor. The Democratic convention required a pass for children to attend with their parents, but delegate Susie Shannon argued that special passes for the young children of delegates should not have been required.

"It's either allow children on the floor or provide child care," Shannon told reporters. "You can't expect that every single woman who is a delegate can leave their child at home in another city for week and go to the convention."

Clearly, there's work to be done to accomodate children at future political conventions-- or is there? Is it the responsibility of convention organizers to provide childcare and pumping rooms? Or should these parents simply learn to deal?

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