Woman Predicts Her Own Gruesome Burial in a Freezer

madeline brisson

“If I go missing, look in the freezer.” That is the chilling message Madeline Brisson gave to her sisters long before she was actually murdered. Though the woman was clearly concerned and unnerved, family members probably never imagined that exact horrifying prophecy would eventually come true.


Brisson was beat and strangled by her boyfriend Luis Otero, who then dumped her body into the ice box in the cellar of the Groton, Connecticut home they shared in March 2010.

It was a frightening end the poor woman was sure was coming, according to those who knew her well. "The guy promised her that he was going to kill her and put her in the freezer, and she told me this after they got in an argument one time," her friend Johnny Robinson told local news channel WTNH.

According to the arrest warrant, after killing Brisson, Otero called a cousin and said he had "flipped out" because she had asked him to move. He also implied that she was going to become the lesbian lover of his daughter. Otero later drove to the Groton police station where he confessed to the crime. When they found the body, she was frozen solid, suggesting that she had been in the freezer for a few days.

This is one of these crimes that just makes you shake your head, not so much in disbelief, but because of the chilling and senseless nature of it. I feel for this woman who clearly knew the danger she was in. And I feel for the family who are left to agonize over her brutal end.

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