Clueless Dude Dresses Like the Joker & Goes to the Movies

There are certain things you just don't do. Like scream "Fire!" in a crowded area when there's no fire. Or joke about "bombs" on a plane. Or dye your hair pink, put on Joker makeup, and pace around in front of a movie theater. Because, you know, a guy dyed his hair pink, called himself the Joker, and killed a bunch of people in a movie theater. 'Memba? And your get-up might be a tad, oh, alarming? But one guy failed to get this memo and was arrested outside a movie theater after concerned moviegoers noticed his eye-catching look.


Christopher Alex Sides, 21, was reportedly pacing in front of a movie theater in Melbourne, Florida, with dyed pink hair, black Joker makeup, and a leather jacket and boots, when he drew the attention of moviegoers, who, I don't know, found this a little scary?!

But Sides claims he was totally unaware of the Aurora, Colorado Dark Knight Rises movie massacre and he had no clue why his outfit might have put folks on edge. Plus, he was going to see The Expendables 2, not Dark Knight Rises. So there's that.

Since dressing up like the Joker at a theater isn't exactly illegal -- just a really, really bad idea -- police didn't arrest him for that. But he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor drug charge. He had no weapons on him.

Was Sides actually clueless about the massacre that was blared over every single news source for at least a month? Was he just trying to get a rise of people? I don't know. But if he truly was ignorant, then he's in for a rough life, what with going around unintentionally alarming and offending people wherever he goes.

So, Sides, if you're reading this, here are a few suggestions:

- Don't go to a children's playground dressed as Honey Boo Boo and attempt to hand out Mountain Dew to newborns.

- Don't visit Harlem with a white sheet over your head.

- Don't stand in the middle of an airplane ride and shout, "Let's roll!"

- Don't dye your hair blonde, call yourself "Amanda Bynes," and get behind the wheel of the car.

- Don't show up on a date with a video camera and tell the woman she's making a training film for a very "hush hush mission."

- Don't meet up with Robert Pattinson and ask, "So, you in a relationship?"

Just some thoughts. You can take 'em or leave 'em. I suspect you'll leave 'em.

Do you think this guy really knew about the Aurora massacre? What else should he avoid doing?


Image via Melbourne Police Dept.

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