Dems Debate Leaving 'God' Out & Give Republicans Something to Preach About

jesus weptHow awesome has the DNC been so far? So overwhelmingly ass-kicking that conservatives have resorted to the most ridiculous, obvious, pathetic attempt at whipping up a non-story they could possibly find: Democrats debated whether or not to include mention of "God" in their platform, eventually deciding to add "God" in. OH EM GEE, RNC. Really?

Pardon me while I go find my eyeballs. I rolled them so hard they fell out of my head. Bill Clinton gives the entire Republican Congress plus Mitt Romney a stinging spanking, possibly winning the election for Obama, and this is your rebuttal? Please. The "holier than thou" act is getting so old even Jesus is getting bored with it. It's not very Christian of me to say so, but you'd have to be pretty dumb to fall for this.


First of all, just an aside to the delegates. You really do that? You mention GOD in your freakin' political platform? Separation of church and state anyone? That's just shameless -- for both parties! But I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Look, we all love God and America and apple pie and all, but I think name-dropping The Lord is about the cheesiest, most pandering move out there. Anyone can do it! Anyone can claim they're guided by God, their laws come from God, God's their BFF, they play golf with God, God told them getting Obama out of office was a higher priority than serving the American people, etc. Anyone. It's what you do when you have NO REAL IDEAS.

But that's just lip service.

If God and his values are really that important to you, why don't you look at the actual policies? Pay attention to who talks about love for everyone, even "the least of these," who talks about working together, cooperation (not a synonym for socialism, FYI) -- and who talks about every man for himself and hate for anyone who doesn't share your values of self-righteousness and bigotry.

Romney said he thought the removal of "God" from the Democrat platform showed Dems are "out of touch" with real Americans. What a relief for him to be on the other side of that accusation, right? Looky here, Romney is defending God! Romney to the rescue. Oh, did you fall for that bit of pandering, too?  Like God needs defending. Do y'all believe in an all-powerful being or not?

Look, not all Americans believe in God. (Atheists?!? Where? Burn them!) And many Americans who do believe in God think it's unconstitutional to mix church and state. And finally, many Americans think waving the God flag is just a lame, cynical gesture and that most of us are too smart to fall for it. Are you?

Do you think mention of God belongs in a political party's platform?


Image via jimcintosh/Flickr

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