Tom Brokaw's Sudden Hospitalization Gives Us One Heckuva Scare

Tom BrokawWhat a day it's been for Tom Brokaw! One of the most beloved news anchors of our time, Brokaw was rushed to a hospital in Charlotte, straight from the set of Morning Joe where he'd been taping but told people he was feeling "light-headed."

The good news is the former face -- and voice -- of NBC Nightly News is doing OK. The 72-year-old has already been on Twitter, reporting on his own condition from the hospital. Of course he was!


Brokaw admitted he mistakenly took half an Ambien, the prescription sleeping drug, early this morning, and he was feeling the ill effects during taping. He followed it up with a joke that proves he may be down but Brokaw is far from out: "Made a better comeback than Giants... "

Thank goodness.

As journalists, the anchors of our favorite news programs try to separate themselves from the stories they tell, but that doesn't make their stories any less fascinating. They come into our living rooms every day for years, becoming a piece of the soundtrack of our lives.

And we've had a rough time of it with our news anchors in recent years. First we lost Peter Jennings at just 67 in 2005 (hard to believe it's been seven years!). Then it was Tim Russert in 2008 at just 58. And of course Robin Roberts is 51 and in a battle with a rare bone marrow disease just a few short years after beating breast cancer.

We don't need to add Brokaw to that list any time soon. Here's wishing a speedy recovery to the newsman ... and perhaps it's time to invest in some reading glasses for late night medicine bottle review?

Who is your favorite news anchor? Do you feel like they're a part of your life in a way you can't quite describe?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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