Bill Clinton's Long, Long Speech Inspires Some Funny, Funny Jokes (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton DNC speech 2012

No matter what side of the ticket you're on, there's one thing we can all agree upon. Bill Clinton's DNC speech was LONG -- 48 minutes long, in fact, nearly 30 minutes over schedule. Whoah. Of course, that was good news for those Democrats who love them some Bill and most likely not such good news for the Republicans who were tuning in. But no matter, we were all laughing about the way he went on ... and on ... We just might not agree on whether or not all that "on and on" was election-shatteringly genius or just a bunch of charismatic hooey.

Let's stick to the part where we agree, though. That the man can talk a shockingly long time. And then let's laugh about it by reading the best Twitter jokes that circulated about President Clinton's uber-longwindedness.


he has so much energy. should i go vegan?

Why do people care about how long Clinton's speech was? It was shorter than an episode of the Bachelor.

Democrats should have a big clock like the debt one at the GOP convention to measure how long Clinton speaks.

bill clinton met a witch that told him if he can give a speech for 24 hours then the curse will be lifted and he can be president again

They are going to have to Gong Bill off the stage.

Clinton could end this speech with "You know what, I did have sexual relations with that woman!" if he wanted.

Bill Clinton's speech is now entering its second term. #DNC

Clinton's still bitter the country didn't love his first long-winded DNC speech decades ago...sticking it to us now.

Clinton finally has his long-sought chance to be Obama's communications director.

Just in, a new text from Hillary:  

Hillary Clinton texts Bill Clinton DNC

What did you think of President Clinton's speech? Did you think it was too long?


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