Elizabeth Warren Is Wrong About the System Being 'Rigged'

elizabeth warren

Elizabeth Warren, who is running for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, said she couldn't believe when she was chosen to be the warm-up act to Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. I can!

She reminds me a lot of Hillary Clinton. She even referred to Hillary as the "coolest woman" or something like that in her speech. Of course, the real reason for Warren's high profile is that the Democrats are desperate to win back Ted Kennedy's seat. And right now, she and the incumbent Republican Scott Brown are locked in a statistical dead heat. The difference is Brown, a pro-choice fiscal conservative, turned down the Republican party's offer to have him speak at its convention because he is framing himself as an Independent. Warren seized on the chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with her fellow Dems.


As far as her performance, Warren did try to summon those somewhat-subdued-this-time-around-student-voters by hammering home the point that they are drowning in debt that the government should do something about. I would say the best thing the government could do to help those loan strapped graduates is to give them what they need most -- not necessarily debt relief, but a stronger economy that leads to job creation.

Warren also said Americans think our system of government is rigged and "they're right." Which seemed at odds with the host of rags-to-riches businessmen the Democrats trotted out, like the founders or heads of Groupon, Nextel, and Costco. Funny but none of those guys ever said the system is rigged. I wonder if job creators like them agree with Warren's statement that the economy grows from the bottom up? Hmmmm.

Warren is brave to run against Republican Scott Brown. Brown popped on the national level when he was swept into the U.S. Senate by knocking on doors and taking his brand of fiscal conservatism in a liberal state straight to the people. He has been endorsed by former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn as well as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. So far, their race is shaping up to be the costliest Senate campaign in the 2012 election. And one of the two candidates running just got a lot of free exposure for her message. The question is: Is her message what voters are looking for this time around?


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