‘Obama Girl’ Is Back With a New Song & Some Seriously Brilliant Lyrics (VIDEO)

Obama Girl

Who could forget the viral video smash "(I Got a) Crush on Obama" that everyone -- Dems and Republicans alike -- obsessed over four years ago. Singer and songwriter Amber Lee Ettinger has just released the follow-up "Still got a Crush on Obama."

Well if you liked the first one, you will love part 2. The lyrics are cute, catchy and hilarious. The biggest difference between the original and this perfectly timed update? Ettinger plays Obama Girl herself rather than re-hire the sultry model she used in 2008.


Here are the best lines:

  1. "You are into marriage equality but do you think about about polygamy. Is there room for me in the White House?"
  2. "I like your immigration policy. I'd let you stay inside my country."
  3. "I could never be with Romney he's not good enough. Obama really knows how to stimulus."
  4. "Let's show him we Obamacare. Did you hear he killed Osama."

Watch the entire new video here:

What do you think of "I Still Got a Crush on Obama"?

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