Christian Grey Sadists Are Out, Sexy Terrorist Killing Military Guys Are In!

No Easy DayThe book No Easy Day, about the mission that ended Osama bin Laden, is out and selling faster on Amazon than Fifty Shades of Grey, which means soft-core mommy erotica is out and good old-fashioned terrorist assassinations are back in, whoo! Is America redeeming itself? Talk about going from one extreme to the next.

And now comes the time in this post where you get deep, thoughtful commentary about changing social mores and the fragmentation of the enculturation of the narcotizing dysfunction that could possibly explain this sudden shift away from spanking and ben wa balls and okay get ready set here you go it's really good ...

Ready now?


As a culture ... Fifty Shades of Grey is really boring. Army guys are hot. We just want to read about them now.

Thanks. All media outlets, you can quote me, just make sure I'm given the proper sourcing. And you might want to change that word "Army" to "Navy" (oops). But is this the truth or what? Check out the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. The only people who aren't giving this book 5 stars are those who believe author and former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette is a criminal because he didn't get clearance from Washington before publishing all this unclassified information. Joykills. Everyone else -- even women, you guys! -- are losing sleep reading this book, can't put it down, tearing through it in one day.

And I can totally see why. Judging from reviews alone, as it's still on my "must read" shelf, it's interesting, fast-paced, and with all the ups and downs of a best-selling work of fiction. But aside from it being a compelling true story, it's the characters themselves that draw you in, hook you, make you say, "Christian Grey, who?"

Bissonnette does not portray himself as mysterious macho hero at all -- actually quite the opposite, just a guy doing a job who is flawed and wishes he could have done it better, make fewer mistakes. How sexy is that? He did not write this story to promote himself or make money (he wrote under the pseudonym Mark Owen until his cover was blown and donated all the proceeds), and though he does talk about Washington, he doesn't try to make the book overly political.

Christian Grey could not hold a candle to this man or to any man who risks all for their country like these guys did and do every day.

But please oh please oh please let them cast Ryan Gosling to play the role of Matt Bissonnette in the movie version. Those abs. Perfect for this role. Please.

Are you going to read No Easy Day?


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